Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Highlight Book / Audiobook of the week

WHA-CKED (Tucker Cherokee Book 4) by Jed O'Dea, Narrated by Mark Bielecki

A Deputy White House Counsel is found dead. His death is ruled a suicide. Twenty years later, the love of Tank Alvarez’s life is kidnapped. The ransom: “Investigate and disclose the truth about the death of the White House Counsel.” The former First Lady becomes a suspect.

Tank is caught in the crossfire between a vengeful megalomaniac seeking retribution for decades old past sins, a mercenary trying to protect an international consortium from terrorism, and an overly ambitious former First Lady. Secrets are hard to keep in the incestuous town of Washington, D.C. where there are scoop-driven reporters, loose-lipped Congressional staffers, influence peddlers, and information buyers. Washington is also a place where it is sometimes -- maybe all the time -- impossible to separate fact from fiction, disinformation from real data, and direct quotes from editorial opinions.

WHA-CKED is a fictional story -- inspired by a true story -- of conspiracy, murder, blackmail, and the abuse of power and money.

Available in Audiobook, Kindle digital eBook & Paperback at Amazon, Audible & iTunes

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