Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Highlight Audiobook of the Week - The Piranha Assignment by Austin S. Camacho, Narrated by Mark Bielecki

The Piranha Assignment - A Stark & O’Brien Thriller

By Austin S. Camacho

Audiobook narration by Mark Bielecki

The Piranha is America’s newest super weapon—a stealth submarine that will give the U.S. total command of the seas. Built in secrecy in Panama, the Piranha is ready for testing, but CIA agent, Mark Roberts feels that something is not quite right about the project. The CIA asks Stark and O’Brien to investigate. When Stark and O’Brien join the Piranha security team they find that the project and its leader are not what they appear to be. But to avert disaster and reveal the truth they must defeat an army of terrorists and survive a climactic battle with a crazed giant who kills jaguars with his bare hands. Available at Amazon, Audible & iTunes

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