Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Inficons is ready to grow.

Inficons - The Independent Fiction Consortium went live on the internet on March 29, 2021. We created a place where readers & audiobook aficionados can find enjoyable fiction without having to claw their way through thousands of titles. Who are we? We’re a small group of authors, narrators & publishers that write, narrate, produce and publish entertaining fiction in a number of genres:

  • ·        Mystery / Thriller / Suspense

  • ·        Science Fiction / Fantasy

  • ·        Drama

  • ·        Horror

  • ·        Historical Fiction

  • ·        Adventure

We are the The Inficons – The Independent Fiction Consortium. We produce and publish stories / books in digital and audiobook format in our selected genres offering more choices to our readers & listeners. Our audience has grown over the last four months, and now we're ready to grow, by adding new authors / narrators to the original seven founders of the group. We're interested in talking with you if you're an independent author / narrator of fiction and interested in joining a like minded group of authors / narrators to publicize & promote good fiction to our audience.

If you're interested in learning more, send an email to dr.whodunit@markbielecki.com and we'll start a conversation.

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